Sunday, 18 January 2009

Thank You Clint, For The Beautiful Sleep

Dr. Nostrum has only had two truly deep sleeps in the last 13 years. Both were brought on by watching The Bridges Of Madison County. I can't say what it is for certain, but no more powerful soporific has entered my life.

The first sleep was inopportune, at the time I thought it had badly coloured a prospective romance with a small dark hairy girl. As it was I moved swiftly into a romance with a taller dark and though I think less genetically hairy, still a fairly hairy girl, if not controlled. It was somewhere near a first date - The Bridges Of Madison County - a winning film to show my caring side. I remember the Screen on The Green cinema, and the girl - the small one, and I think the film started, but then, nothing but the deepest sleep and I'm not sure I came out of it fully until the next day. I certainly don't remember taking her home.

13 years later and this time it was simply a random flick through the channel guide which brought me the chance to see what I had missed. I got as far as a note stuck on the side of a bridge, though I was already distracted and had started playing the guitar, but sometime soon after that I felt the deep need to go and lie down. I slept for 18 hours.

If there are any (presumably male) readers in desperate need of a cure for insomnia, you'd do worse than go out and buy the Blu-ray. That's a Dr's recommendation, remember.

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