Thursday, 5 February 2009

Paris Hilton - Fast Food Fame

Paris's BBF, yet more aspirants munching on the quim of celebrity.

It's pretty much beyond reviewing to any purpose as a television show; Paris makes folks do things for her and then judges them whilst they shake and cry because of course her opinion defines their universe.

Dr. Nostrum can't help remembering the callous spoiled joy with which Nicole and her ruined a day's business for a random blue collar family one episode of The Simple Life. Yes, I'm sure they compensated them financially, yes, that was the show, no, it didn't matter.

There's no joy here, no point, purpose or permanence, and nothing positive that starts with any other letter of the alphabet either.

I know why it's on and I even think I know why it's popular. She is the living Celebrity Embodiment of Fast Food. The McDonalds of Reality TV. Everything you can think of about The Big Mac is true for Paris.

Paris Hilton. More famous than Paris France. What does that say about Google searches?

Be my BFF Paris! ;-) Everything you touch turns to gold.

(do you really think so?)