Friday, 30 January 2009

I Don't Want To Work For Diddy

Dr. Nostrum has been tuning in occasionally to I Want To Work For Diddy. Now, I never really wanted to see this, but was wooed by the diddy blogs into a false sense of optimism (but note that there's no diddy blog celebrating the win - I guess the Democrats didn't pay for that one). In fact it was quite hard to watch it a very real sense because it disappeared from one channel after just a few episodes and I haven't had the discipline to keep track of what episode airs when on MTV.

But, of course, having seen it for a few seconds, I have seen it all. Formula stuff, with a vaguely cheap and hugely self important tone from the 'playa's'. Obnoxious and unpleasant ego masquerading as successful and aspirational business acumen - maybe these have always been the same thing.

There was a fabulous highlight with Diddy explaining how far he could achieve anything he set his mind to, which I wish I could find to print verbatim but somehow I have it imprinted on my memory as a dream inspired rant culminating in Puff riding a giraffe bareback and naked in Zimbabwe, that, strangely, being the task he wanted to achieve.

Don't let the highlight fool you though, it's the usual misfits being humiliated into obescience.

I think it is time for the series 'I Don't Want To Work For Diddy' in which every member of the human race bar 20 publicity obsessed lunatics go about their normal life completely bemused by the fact that some people want to debase themselves daily at the whim of egomaniacal celebrities for money and a seat in a muddy trench at the foot of fame.

I see many such programmes ahead, including the Paul McKenna inspired 'I Can't Make You Thin' and 'I Can't Make Him Stop', 'The Price Is Wrong', hosted by Jordan, 'Who Doesn't Want To Be A Millionaire?' and so on. Perhaps we could just make one programme that lasts all day called 'Why?' although to keep it Yoof perhaps just 'Y?

In 'Y?' we, the public, use Torquemada's technique of having TV execs spin out the premise of a story interesting enough to prevent themselves being dropped into a pot of burning pitch.

I'd probably watch it for 10 minutes before turning over to 'My New BFF'