Monday, 26 January 2009

Trans Gender Agenda for Tyrant

And so begins another series on the relentless hagiography that is the America's Top Model conveyor belt. Dr. Nostrum has often said that before she's in the grave every girl in America will be able to say Tyrant belittled her on National TV. In the UK we stay resolutely just behind, as we do with all things American since the 50's, so this is cycle 11.

We're put straight as to the purpose of the show from the get go. The entirely predictable system overload for the glaminator machine "to make better models" must mean Tyrant Tyra Banks is inside, cos no way can she pass up a chance to show us Tyrant is as good as it gets. (This is the point of the show - there, now I've told you the scales will have fallen from your eyes forever more) She seems to have some top lip issues today, with a smeared and shiny barracuda pout to the fore and oddly, they seem to have based the beginning of the show on The Tomorrow People, but i can't believe any of them have seen it. She also has some thunder-thigh issues too, I doubt they'd seem so on a normal woman, but on Tyrant they stand as two thumping revolutionary insurgents despoiling the landscape that is Doriana Gray, still a good looking woman, but one who has lost every shred of inner beauty.

Last Series was Plus Size, this series is Trans Gender. Now, have no doubt, the contestant may not have an agenda but The Show does. "What would being a part of this show do for the Gay and Lesbian community?" asks Tyrant, and the answer; it will increase the profile of Tyra Banks.