Sunday, 18 January 2009

Britney Spears, The Girl Next Door To No-one


Dear, Dear Britney. Tonight Britain got to see an 'access all areas' programme.

It's still on as I write and that's a problem. Too dull. There are no areas that are worth accessing. No connection between the Britney Spears creation and Britney Spears the normal Louisiana Girl (apart from the "Ah Lahke Thayt" - you often hear that at Krystals). There was a nice glimpse of ego (beyond the whole programme, that is) with the revelation that (The Dr. is going to paraphrase here) she expresses and finds her true self in her art. Yes. Art. Womaniser, womaniser, womaniser, womaniser, womaniser, womaniser, womaniser, womaniser, womaniser.

The problem of course is that she seems to have the insight of a sponge, where emotion is expressed but never examined beyond "stuff that happened to Britney Spears". I am going to tune out, as Britney says, people hear her talk but don't hear what she says.

Madonna's insight was just as invaluable though. A huge emphasis on the importance of "What was I thinking?" (what were you feeling, what was happening around you, what were you doing, what do you want, who are you, how did this happen?)

Mostly I would imagine that there are very few programmes that could top this for the words "Me" "My" and "I"

Who was this for. I think we know. How many of Britney's audience want to (or could) understand that she has troubles. I think we know that too.

Was there anything we learned by the end of the show that we didn't know before it started? I'll have to guess (and I'll bet it's a good guess) because I will have fallen asleep.


She's a bit depressed. Her life is a bit depressing. So is the show.

Britney thinks it's important that we know the truth.

No it's not.

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