Sunday, 18 January 2009

Celebrity Humiliations For Sale

No Bushtucker Trial would be complete without Penis and Arsehole munching, a broad joke constructed to encompass both Porn and Homophobia on primetime. George Takei was in excellent humour excusing a belch as the penis repeated on him. Better jokes were told by Martina, who had to hold up her end as she reminded us that we probably wouldn't want to eat anything that landed on her face. I never did fancy Pam Shriver anyhow, even shaved. (boom boom)

It's still on, Joe Swash will likely win, but will it get him a leg up the celebrity ladder? For George Takei and Martina Navratilova it's snakes all the way. From the 'top', the only way is down, but why go via Australia?

Trick question that. The answer is MONEY!!!

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