Sunday, 18 January 2009

Shaming The Ghost Of Robert Robinson

The Dr has been a secret Only Connect fan. Well, fan in the sense that I watch it in the vain hope of beating one of the teams. This may be possible. The reason this may be possible is that the questions seem entirely based on whether you know the answer or not, i.e. they're not questions of intellect, merely recollection. So, should there be a run of questions that I know the answer to, the monkeys will have typed Shakespeare.

Still, to win an episode, you have to suffer Victoria Coren, who has inherited precisely none of her father's wit or delivery. In fact, she runs the show in the manner of one who hates the job and can't bear the fact that she's been buried (quite rightly) on BBC 4 (again, apparently). Her slightly sour expression never shifts, a hangover from too many successful poker nights no doubt.

I've nearly tuned out on it though, I think the final is soon, but I've pretty much had enough. A thought popped in to my mind that I can't dislodge and that's that I'm watching Ask The Family after a charisma bypass. Every time Victoria disparages a sap I miss Robert Robinson's smooth disappointment, each time Victoria chokes on a pun, I know Robert turns in his grave as a chance to shine passes by.

Still, he shouldn't worry. His memory's not the one on the line. No, that would be Dad's.

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  1. >i.e. they're not questions of intellect, merely recollection

    Really? I try very hard to ensure there's questions that involve pure lateral thought such as "Quagmire - Bathtub - Taxicab - Pussycat" and "Mali - Kyoto - Solo - More". Of course you have to know something otherwise it becomes a culture-free IQ test, not a quiz, but I find you comment overly harsh.

    If you think you can do better, I'm all ears.

    OC Question editor