Sunday, 18 January 2009

Talk your way in and talk your way out

Write! wrote William Goldman, and all the writer's reading went and wrote. Sit, and undertake the business of channeling your thoughts into some semblance of creation. Dr Nostrum can imagine a (far?) future where the thoughts themselves are the media and those that think the thoughts are the studios, where actors and actresses are engaged in getting themselves thought about by the thinker so that when the thinker has thunk something wonderful the faces that sprang to mind were they.

It would be truly liberating to have to create nothing but your thoughts, not to have to fuck your way in, up, down and out of a career. Not to have to explain, by means of translation, what is in your head that is so fucking amazing and why can't you see that you dumb motherfucker who i have to get through to get any further. All art thus becomes possible for all, no training is necessary, though the training will now become how to think clearer, surer, with purpose and with confidence.

Ah, shit, I can see it all now, there's no real difference. the thoughts will be moulded, packaged and sold with just as many leeches as now. A piece of work would take coherent thinking to pull together into a production, would have to be edited (ok, start thinking just before where you left off and i'll punch you in). All we're losing is the work of making our limbs, orifices and machines explanatory.

Still, I reckon it will happen and if you're reading this in that future, figure out who it was that wrote this and hurry up and resurrect me you cunt!


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