Sunday, 18 January 2009

Don’t believe a word


He sticks to the kind appellation 'Hunchback' but he is merely glamorising the race of assistants to good Doctors. Hutchback is, at best, a spelling mistake of a being, able to offer shallow and misguided insight into anything, the froth on your urine in the bowl.

His protestations and poor attempts at simpering are mere affectations that hide his true nature, that of a deep need for cruelty. Without it he would have nothing to compare the meager pleasures in his life to.

Enjoy his company and conversation for what it is, an endless game of discovery otherwise known as 'What's My Neurosis?'.

As often, he's a giver of half truths and misdirection. He's never happier than when I'm grasping my favorite cudgel, that bringer of pleasure to us both.

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