Saturday, 17 January 2009


You know how much it costs to become President? $600 million. $600 million and the Presidency is yours. I can't work out if that's good value. I wonder what you can get for Cristina Milian? Probably a dose of the clap. I'd rather be President.

Dr. Nostrum again draws the reader's attention (and on a sideways notion - who the hell are you?) to the depressing clandestine work done by The Hidden Irish Conspiracy Kabal (THICK) in burying our President Elect's proud heritage. They even stoop to the old Music Hall trick of Black-face and bow ties to hide Barack (né Barry) O'Bama in plain site. Still, he's there now, and after all that money he cost I hope he makes a good fist of it.

I fear the Price of being Prime Minister may be Katie Price. (Boom, Boom - and here Dr Nostrum can reveal that the man with his hand up Basil Brush's backside trod the boards singing my words before settling on never being able to reveal his true identity)

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