Saturday, 17 January 2009



The mid eighties harked back to the seventies in the great popularisation of one of Britain's middling comedians. MAX WALL was the inspiration for Star Trek's Mr. Worf and his brethren, they did use the funny walk in early rehearsals but it didn't fit. Other than Max Wall, keep the Vidal Sassoon(my Grandma took him to school) Jean Muir bob over pointy ears for the Vulcan's and add a little Issey Miyake shoulder padded Japan-easy sparkle to create the Romulan's. I forget the name of the race of the little circumcised penis headed money grabbing homunculus' that used to orgasm by rubbing their rim (who could they be?). But enjoy the Q, a race invented purely to allow John de Lancie to fund his wild parties.

It's the technology and the fashion that dates sci-fi so terribly. Why would the far future have us twiddling knobs (from the sixties), tapping keys and touching screens (the eighties and nineties), waving hands over speaking into thin air (...) blah blah. Anyway, give 'em credit they invented the flip cell phone.

Dr Nostrum understands the futility of predictive imagination, doing things by thought (where else could we be headed) will, sadly, not make for good drama.

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