Saturday, 17 January 2009

Dead Drunk on Debt!


Ha! now that's a metaphor for where we're at. Whisky and chocolate to rinse the day away, and now for random channel hopping:

'At least two people have died and thousands are forced to flee their homes in California...' (read in chirpy girls mag promo voice): 'Brave Jade plans her own funeral.' 'The winner of the Booker prize is a first time novelist..' (sing in a short black dress and red pumps:)'Hey, hey eh eh eh eh hey..' 'Shut it, (the trunk of a car) it's ok... (open the trunk by grabbing the emergency release handle and show your palm to Gary Sinise) it's a perfect match to what our first victim had on her hands.'

It must be true that things have gone very terribly wrong, can anyone understand why having things has become the be all and and all of aspiration for the masses? Yes, DR NOSTRUM CAN; When you have nothing having some things is a great improvement in your life and when you have enough having more things is a great improvement to your status and when you have more than enough things having more things is of great importance to your ego and when you truly have too many things you realise you don't care about the things you have.

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