Saturday, 17 January 2009

O’bama/Bi(n La)den and other famous Irishmen


It can't have been easy finding a running mate that you could do it with but I swear every time the ticket came into shot it looked like Obama Bin Laden.

I remember reading about Sarah Palin some months ago and she was tipped for the top in as political a publication as 'Monocle'. Looks like McCain needed to tap that 'celebrity'.

Back to the greatest living Irishman. Have you ever heard so many promises outside of a making up after a lover's quarrel? Well, if you shoot for the moon, maybe you won't get shot, but I doubt it.

Other famous Irishmen that have somehow been adopted by poorer and less scrupulous countries should be reclaimed. Leonard O'DaVinci, Marc O'Polo and my favourite Irish hairdresser Albert O'Balsam (who wasn't nabbed by a desperate country of underachievers but was looking for some much needed romance lacking in his god given name.)

If fiction were a human only construct, and film survived the human race it would be incredibly confusing for an alien watching. Why are the people the same in all those different stories. How did the uniformed cop in The Big Easy also manage to assist Lex Luthor especially after all that trouble in the hills getting away from those crazy natives? I imagine they'd just think there were a small, finite number of body types and that each type filled a particular narrow social caste.

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