Saturday, 17 January 2009

Patronisation or, What Are We Voting For


Well, there's not much comedy in politics you'd say. But the Democratic audience are a great canned audience, "No" they yell as Hillary asks whether they want more of the same "Boo" they clamour as Hilary raises the specter of John McCain. "Keep Going" they chant as she reminds them that they're not there yet. Cheers rain down as she reminds them that they have to elect Barak Obama and not her. "Why is she shouting?" asks my fiancee. Well, if you saw Kathleen Sebelius (who can't even spell her own name right) you'd soon see the advantage of shouting. Boy, she sucked the life right out of that room and reached all the way across the atlantic to suck the life out of my veins as I sit here in London, home of Mayor Boris Johnson - the joke that never stops. As he becomes p.m. it shall surely be the greatest joke ever told.

i have a theory that George Bush Jr's presidency was a making real of 'Trading Places' with the dollar bet won by his dad from Kenneth Lay. "Impossible" Ken would've said in 1999 "You could never, ever make him president". "Told you so." says George snr 1 year later. "Hand it over."

Shouting is a key element in rousing the rabble. Hilter, now there was a man who could project. Not many know that the Nuremberg p.a. failed halfway through his Labor-Front speech, all that yelling because of it was the making of him as he bust a gut to be heard at the back.

The irony never stops as Lilly Ledbetter comes to the mic and speaks from the heart about the deep immorality of pay equality, which she sued for as an employee and wants to see for the supreme court judges. Her walk out theme song: 'Material Girl'

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