Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Great British Cheese Awards


Is on television. Actually it's the 2007 awards, perhaps this was a taster, just to see if it got a big enough audience to ramp up the budget for a glorious 2008 awards ceremony, red carpet and all. But imagine the pong, how would the venue recover from the stench.

Surely cheese could only have been invented by accident, perhaps muching on the udder of a long dead cow, but I am most likely displaying my cheese ignorance. I can't be bothered to look it up. Actually, I just did look t up and I was close enough to being right as anyone.

The lifetime award is called Cheese-person of the year. Surprisingly, there are a lot of regional accents. Anyhow, Urine Richards, or that's what I think she was called, won.

The programme is unfortunately just a number of worthies talking about cheese. such gems as "Cheesemaking is a craft, everytime you make cheese you learn something new". Oh, you mean something new about cheese.

I could only stand 5 minutes.

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