Thursday, 29 July 2010

Drowned in Laze

A Tennessee summer in Nashville after a winter and floods unheard of in living memory and now the slow ooze of slippery heat leeches the will to stay sharp from The Doctor's Mind. Mrs. Doctor has been unable to suffer the stupidity by osmosis that is The South since we landed here, but your good Doctor has been faithfully fighting it off in an effort to be relevant to the modern world.

But it is relentless, the will in America to be bigger and cheaper, the rush to go backwards, as if they have left something worthwhile behind. There's a lot of room for comment and satire, but satire that is over the heads of those you satirize is a good way to get a punch on the nose for your smart ass opinions.

How do we drag the great white fat population with us when they need dragging? The Doctor and Hutchback are busy creating satirical Kargyraa, three voices at once. A big bass note of dumb, a winding middle voice of reality and a shrill top note of insanity.